Improper Waste Disposal in Bodies of Water

About the problem

According to the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) the amount of garbage that found in the bodies of water is increasing every year.

The hospitals and other health care services is lacking of water supply beacause of improper waste disposal of chemicals that go directly in bodies of water.

Background of the Environmental Risk Behavior

Improper waste disposal in bodies of water is an disposal of waste in a way that has negative effects in our environment.

Root Cause of the Behavior

Illiterate on proper waste disposal/ segregation of garbage.

Problem to be Solved

Improper disposal of waste that directly go into bodies of water that has negative effects and pollutes our bodies of water.

Possible Solution

  • Conduct a seminar/orientation on proper waste disposal in different barangays.
  • Strengthen different environmental programs such as segregation of garbage, no single use of plastics, and 3R’s.
  • Strict implementation of the Republic Act no. 10654 or “The Philippines Fisheries Code of 1998”
  • Implement sanctions/ penalties as stated in R.A. 10654 to fishermen and businesses who disobeys the law.
  • Proposed Solutions

    What was it looks like


    Conduct Seminars

    Environmental Programs

    Environmental Programs

    RA 10654

    Implementation of RA no.10654

    Benefits of the solution



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